Why Should You Read This Book?

You will discover how the so-called natural recovery from addictions is often actually due to supernatural recovery. This

book teaches you specific methods to follow to overcome addiction through Jesus Christ, the highest power in the

universe. The strategies presented will change your life by showing you the techniques and processes that will help you

become totally free from addiction. You will learn what the Bible says about alcohol and drugs, passages of which most

people are not aware. You will be inspired by the author’s personal story of life situations and struggles and how he got

free from alcohol, drugs, and criminal behavior. The goal is to infuse you with hope for yourself or anyone battling



Rev. Don Wilkerson

This is an important and hopeful book to contribute on how to find freedom from addiction. Dr. Carlin has both the experience of living in addiction and finding the Highest power in Jesus Christ to permanently overcome his personal enslavement to drugs and go on to receive treatment training. He is well qualified to share how others can also find what he found in The Higher Power. This book contains a major message on addiction recovery and the reader will find the investment of the time reading it worthwhile—-and possibly life challenging. In addition, this is an in-depth look at addiction from many treatment modalities. It is textbook-style worthy but does not read like one. Whether a user yourself, a loved one of a user or a worker in some type of rehab, you will find this a valuable resource. The writer gives God all the glory for his long-lasting recovery.

As a Co-Founder of Teen Challenge, this story is a personal blessing to me. I highly recommend it.

Professional Endorsements

Cardwell C. Nuckols, Ph.D., An internationally a recognized expert in clinical and spiritual recovery from addictions. Dr. Nuckols’ passion and mission are to assist in the integration of emerging scientific research with traditional spiritual and self-help knowledge.

“I would probably be dead or in prison if I did not discover the true joy of serving God.” The darkness becomes a beacon of Light as Dr. Carlin describes his spiritual life journey. Many don’t seem to acknowledge struggles, trials and tribulations pave the road to transformation.





“Based on my experience, alcohol and drugs are facsimiles for being filled with the Holy Spirit.” Dr. Carlin’s thoughts align with those to Carl Jung, “His craving for alcohol as the equivalent, on a low level, of the spiritual thirst of our being for wholeness, expressed in medieval language: the union with God.” Alcohol and drugs are the right direction, just the wrong method. The spiritual approach gets both the direction and the methodology absolutely as it should be.

The author writes of an enlightened approach to healing. He speaks from lessons learned in living life to its fullest, whether in pursuit of recklessness and dereliction of Christ-consciousness. By merging traditional wisdom (Self Help, changing People, Places and Things) with the esoteric nature of the Spirit (contemplation, meditation, forgiveness, the Supernatural, etc.) and good works allows one to regain in recovery something lost…and to move well beyond this point secondary to immediate divine intervention and/or the more common “educational” variety occurring over time.

Dr. Carlin is an honorable man, a Light upon this world, and a missionary to those in need. His story, his style, and his learned conclusions make for a very captivating reading and learning experience. It has been a privilege to read and learn from his work. I consider Dr. Rawson Carlin, A RENAISSANCE MAN.

“May the God of peace make you whole and holy, may you be kept safe in body, heart, and mind, and thus ready for the presence. God has called you and will not fail you.” I Thessalonians 5:23-24


Cardwell C. Nuckols, Ph.D

Rawson’s fast-paced, never-stop, energizer bunny life was initially fueled and misdirected by hurt. But since tapping into the much Highest Power, Jesus Christ, his positive, grateful, hope-filled servant heart is clear fruit of his transformation. And so is the lasting healing he’s led many others to. As a Christian psychiatrist, I’ve seen theologians and clinicians argue about whether addiction is a sin, disease, or psychological defect while the poor addict is neglected, improperly treated, and dies. But I am so happy to see Rawson’s easy-to-read, often humorous unpacking of addiction’s spiritual element shows both science and faith are important, with Christian faith generating the power and guiding principles we need while psychiatric science equips us to steward our mind so we can apply this power and principles and be actual doers of the word.

Once we become doers of the word, that is, consistent Godly decision-makers, God’s amazing tool of neuroplasticity rewires, or renews, our diseased or reprobate mind for not just meager recovery, but an abundant life through profound PsychoSpiritual healing. To me, this is Practical NeuroTheology.

Rawson blends what he’s learned as a scientific clinician with the redemptive power of God he’s experienced as a sinner saved by grace to share spiritual nuggets and application steps you can use today to access this amazing healing and achieve your God-given potential, just as Rawson did.

So if you want to be healed, sit back, strap in, and get ready for Rawson to use his down-home demeanor to make an overwhelming case that the God of the Bible is the Highest Power, then he will introduce you plain and simple to Him so He will set you free!

Karl Benzio, MD, is a Board Certified Psychiatrist Honey Lake Clinic, Co-Founder and Medical Director Founder, Lighthouse Network

Karl Benzio, MD